Spa Pedicures

This special pedicure offers a truly unique luxurious and relaxing spa experience. This is a special all inclusive treatment. Soak your feet in warm water with herbal power at least 5 to 10 minutes. Foot baths can be a wonderful part of our overall health and deeply relaxing and restful. Choose your pedicure scent. Cuticle details, reshape nails. Special callus remover, massage with hot stone, collagen socks.

The all inclusive service: Choose your scent
Cuticle details, callus remove, reshape nail, sugar scrub, mask, massage with hot stone, paraffin treatment hot towel wrap.
Your choice:
1. Gold Mystique Spa Kit
2. Seaweed & Kelp Capsule Kit(The plant essence can quiclkly brighten, It rejuvenates the skin, hydrates and makes it flexible)
3. Detox Black Charcoal(Highly Effective Detoxifying)

Choose your scent
This service Includes: cuticle details, reshape nail, callus remover, sugar scrub, mask, massage with lotion, hot towel wrap (your choice: hot stone or paraffin wax) polish (50 min)

Natural nail care, sugar scrub, massage with lotion, hot stone massage, mask, hot towel wrap and polish.(35 min.)

Natural nail care, sugar scrub, mask, massage with lotion, and warm towel wrap and polish.

Quick & Go PEDICURE - $28
Natural Nail Care, sugar scrub, massage with lotion and warm towels and polish.

Extra Services
$7 for hot paraffin wax.
$5 for Hot Stone
$10 for Collagen
$5 for Special Callus Remover
$1/minute on extra massage


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